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Kiewa Country Milk shows its commitment to local quality

The Kyvalley Dairy Group has announced its first local Milk Supplier for Kiewa Country Milk, the local brand purchased by the family-owned company earlier this year.

Fourth-generation dairy farmer, Stephen Coulston, of Tangambalanga, has been confirmed as a major supplier to the iconic heritage brand, continuing a working relationship that began a century ago.

Supplier Stephen Coulston of Tangambalanga, with sons Bailey, 10, and Harrison, 9.

The North East Border dairy farm’s 450-cow herd comprises a mixture of Friesian, Jersey and Brown Swiss cows, each breed characteristic ensuring a consistently high-quality milk supply, according to Mr Coulston.

“The health and welfare of the cows comes first, everything else fits around that,” he said.

“A happy, healthy cow will always produce more milk of a higher quality.”

The Kyvalley Dairy Group is a fully integrated dairy business based at Kyabram, Victoria, with a wide range of operations including fodder, milking, milk processing and marketing.

The Mulcahy family who own the company have been involved in the dairying industry for 160 years.

“We saw an opportunity to get behind an iconic heritage brand,” said Alastair McCredden, chief executive officer of Kyvalley Dairy Group.

“One of our key commitments to Kiewa Country Milk is to ensure that the product remains authentic and will always have that strong local quality.”

In addition, Kiewa Country Milk flavoured products will continue to be made from locally-sourced milk, using original recipes.

“We have evolved some of packaging but the original taste will be the same, using the same milk,” Alastair said.

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